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We produce data-driven research content to tell better stories that get shared.

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Data-Driven Content: The New Imperative 

We live in a world of content overload. How to stand out? Marketing by sharing data.

When Steve Rayson, Co-founder of BuzzSumo, recently analyzed 100 million articles, he found that: “Authoritative research and reference content are the two types of content that consistently get links and shares.” In addition, they found that 94% of marketers agree that original research elevates a brand’s authority.

The takeaway: Publishing data-driven content is a substantial opportunity for marketers to drive traffic, leads and search engine rankings.

Client Testimonial

“FrontPage Data’s articles pull 2-3x more links, traffic and social shares than our typical blog posts. If you're serious about producing industry studies and data-driven content, they're a great partner to have.”

Our Process in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Id​ea Generation

First, we talk about some ideas. You likely have access to tons of information and have ideas of how to use it as content marketing. Where we can help is in identifying your best ideas. We also look at third-party data that we could use to create a story that fits your brand. We leverage different type of data-driven content formats, such as surveys, big data studies, interactive dashboards, calculators and tools. Either way, we have good instincts for whether an idea will succeed or not on “The Internet.”

Step 2: Production

After we agreed on a promising idea, our data scientists start collecting and preparing the data and do secondary research. We´ll send the draft to you, so you can tell us what you like/dislike and make any edits and revisions until you are happy. 

Step 3: Finished Product

The finished product includes the blog post, all accompanying charts and graphics, and any raw data we used to craft the piece. Or, if you prefer, you can just request the charts and raw data, and add your own voice to it. The piece is then yours! But your content marketing campaign is not done: you need to promote it. That means sending the content to journalists/blogs and promoting it on social channels. We’ll provide tips on the most effective angle for pitching the piece.

Your Benefits

Become a thought leader

By consistently publishing and sharing new data-driven content, we position you as a thought leader in your field.

Nurture existing relationships

Data-driven content help nurture existing sales prospects to keep you top of mind.

Drive new leads

While not every piece of content has the purpose to drive leads, new opportunities are a common by-product of content and thought leadership.

Drive traffic, links and search engine rankings

People love to read and share stories about data. This will increase traffic, links and search engine rankings.

Public Relations done right

Data helps reporters easily write articles that are interesting and newsworthy. They will start coming to you as a source.

Turn data into marketing content

There is an endless well of content ideas inside data. We help you turn data into marketing content that will grow your business.

Here's some of our work

"Comparing Airbnb and Hotel Rates in Europe and Germany"
We compared the average costs of hotel rooms and Airbnb accommodations in ten German and 22 European cities. In total, we reviewed more 200.000 Airbnb listings. This article got featured in major German-speaking news outlets in Germany and Austria.
"We Analyzed 331.000 Kickstarter Projects. Here´s What We learned About Crowdfunding Success"
Using a public data source, we analyzed more than 378.000 Kickstarter projects. This article was cited on various start-up news websites and lead to guest posts, among them, on the German Start-Up Association Blog.
"The Top 10 Sad Christmas Songs"
Based on data accessed through the Spotify API, we analysed 143 German Christmas songs and calculated the Top 10 Saddest songs. We also created an interactive data vizualisation to showcase the various songs.
Text Analytics on 3 Million Russian Troll Tweets
We looked at 3 Million Troll Tweets and analysed whether these bot accounts tried to polarize and influence political debates in Germany.
"Drugs, Weapons and Bitcoin - Analyzing 100.000 Darknet-Transactions"
We looked at 100.000 Darknet transactions from a public dataset.Amongst other findings, we found that drugs are the most traded items and that weapons, on average, have the highest price tag.
"We Analyzed 5.2 Million Desktop and Mobile Pages - Here’s What We Learned About Page Speed"
We analyzed 5 million desktop and mobile pages to learn which factors impact page speed. Our data revealed some very interesting (and surprising) insights.


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